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The PVH Staff could not choose between these two adorable dogs so we have decided that both Tuscan and Vino will be this week’s Pets of the Week at Patterson Veterinary Hospital! They are both 2 Years Old German Shepherd Mixes.
Tuscan is tan and enjoys exploring the farm and bringing back the interesting things that he finds. He was named after Tuscany, Italy and loves eating anything but lettuce and spinach. The cutest thing that Tuscan does is when he wakes his dad up in the morning by standing on his chest or when he is turning his head side to side when listening to you talk or watching animal videos. Tuscan is a very handsome boy, which is probably why he enjoys posing for pictures.
Vino is black and enjoys chilling with his family and chewing on bones. He was named after Italian Wine and really loves car rides and walks with the farm goats. Vino is the cutest when he props his head up on the pillow or when he prances like a bunny for his treats. His favorite toy is whatever his brother Tuscan is playing with at the time.
Both Tuscan and Vino enjoy visiting Patterson Veterinary Hospital and Nana Paws Daycare. We absolutely love seeing them when they come in too!