Meet Our Clinical Team

Van Gogh

Clinic Cat


Anne Shirkey

Animal Caretaker

Victoria Hawkins 

Veterinary Assistant

Victoria grew up and lived in Holland most of her life. She went to college in Traverse City for 2 years, then transferred to Lansing Community College to get her General Associates Degree. Between Traverse City and LCC, Victoria did an online program to come a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Victoria has Shy, a 4-Year-Old Black Lab, Aries, a 3-Year-Old Husky Mix, Monica, a buff medium-coat cat, and Siff, a tortie cat. When she is not working, Victoria enjoys exercise or playing with her 2-Year-Old daughter.

Why did you become a veterinary professional?: “Besides the fact that I love animals, I have always had a fascination with veterinary medicine. I love to take what I learn and share it with clients so they can be educated.”   

What do you like about working at PVH?: “My family. Always there for me and so fun to work with.”

What is your proudest moment at PVH so far?: “When I became a Veterinary Assistant. I just had this moment of wow, look how far I’ve come.”  

Favorite animal: “Love all animals but any kind of dog. Big dogs.”     

What is the most inspiring part of your job?: “Seeing the owners happy when they see their pets and everything is going to be okay.”

Autumn P.

Veterinary Assistant

Autumn was born and raised in Leslie, Michigan and attended Friends University in Wichita, KS, earning a B.S. in Zoo Science and Field Biology. She has been married for 5 years now, with two children. Outside of work, Autumn enjoys reading, writing, gardening, gaming, and playing with her kids.

What do you like about working at PVH?: “There’s such a close knit sense of community. It’s basically like a family away from home.”    

Favorite Animal: “Dragon – need I say more?”  

Darian Williams

Licensed Veterinary Technician



Licensed Veterinary Technician

Megan is from New Baltimore, MI but moved to Lansing to attend Michigan State University. Here, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology and is now a Licensed Veterinary Technician at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. Megan became a veterinary professional to make a positive difference in the lives of both animals and people, and to strengthen the human animal bond. When she is not working, Megan enjoys running with her Siberian Huskies – Rocket and Barry – reading, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends.

Own Pets: “I have two huskies. Rocket is 3 years old and loves to run. Barry is 2 years old and loves bothering Rocket and playing with his chew toys. I also have two beta fish, Cleopatra and Swim Shady.” 

What do you like about working at PVH?: “My amazing co-workers and being able to care for various animals every day.”

Favorite memory from PVH so far: “One of my favorite memories at PVH so far was at the open house where I was able to educate people about the role the veterinary technician plays in veterinary medicine.” 

Favorite Animal: “Cheetah or Dolphin” 


Veterinary Assistant

Amanda grew up in Metro Detroit. She went to Michigan State University and got a B.S. in Zoology and a B.A. in Art – she has been working here ever since! Amanda started off as a receptionist and is currently a Veterinary Assistant and Surgical Assistant at our clinic. When she is now working, Amanda enjoys creating artwork, reading, traveling, and learning other languages.

Own Pets: “2 cats. Minnie, (Minerva), a brown tabby – the mischievous one – and Natasha, (Tasha), a tortie – the loving and forgiving one.”

Favorite Quote: “’We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.’ -Kant”

If you could learn to do anything what would it be?: “Surf and fly planes.”

Fun Fact: “I worked at Walt Disney World for 1 ½ Years”

Marissa T.

Veterinary Assistant


Jess Sutherlin

Veterinary Assistant

Jess started in the veterinary industry as an intern when she was 13 years old and is currently a Veterinary Assistant and part time puppy cuddler at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. She is married with half of a zoo at home. Jess is currently in undergrad and at Lansing Community College working towards going to MSU for Veterinary Medicine. When Jess isn’t working, she breeds fish and shrimp and enjoys skijoring and rollerjoring with her Labrador Theodore, hiking, drinking lots of coffee, painting, drawing, playing instruments, and spending time with her tons of animals.

Own Pets: “I have a sassy, spiky hedgehog named Potato Petunia that is a retired breeding /education animal from Preuss Pets. Theodore is my Lab that I skijor/rollerjor with and he thinks he is a lap dog. Salmon and Urchin are my rescue kittens from here that run the house. Then I have 5 tanks of fish that I breed. Pea Puffers are one of my favorites.”     

Why did you become a veterinary professional?: “I have a love for helping all animals and love being able to make a difference.”   

What do you like about working at PVH?: “We are all one big family here” 

What is your favorite memory from PVH so far?:  “Our PVH Olympics was the most fantastic moment” 

Favorite animal: “Dogs for sure are my favorites. They are so loving and always there for you.”   


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Cassidy grew up in Mason and went to Baker College for Veterinary Technology. She is currently a Licensed Veterinary Technician and loves monitoring anesthesia, assisting in surgeries, and doing dentals! When she is not working, she loves to work out – especially running – and enjoys reading poetry.

Own Pets: “2 Greyhounds named Joe and Pixie and a German Shorthair Pup named Annie.  My dogs are my whole world and I try to involve them in as many aspects of my life as possible. We hunt with Annie and she will be my running buddy once she is older.”

Why did you become a Veterinary Professional?: “The bond between people and their pets is so strong and beautiful and it’s something everyone should experience. If I can help people keep their best friends, (pets), safe and happy, I feel like I’m accomplishing my goal.”

Favorite Animal: “Cow! They are really cool animals to work with and they have great personalities.”

Bradley Karna

Veterinary Assistant


Karrie R.

Licensed Veterinary Technician