Meet Maerynn!

By August 12, 2018 Uncategorized

The PVH Family recently welcomed a new member! Meet Maerynn (Mare-in). Maerynn is an Australian Cattle dog puppy that belongs to our Lead Receptionist, Paige. Maerynn was named after a Scandinavian word meaning, “Pearl”, or “Pearl of the Sea.” Maerynn gets to come to work with her mom every day but really loves visiting Grandma & Grandpa’s house more. Maerynn loves playing with all over toys! She is already very good at herding all the other animals, including her big sister – a German Shepherd! Maerynn’s favorite food so far has been chicken nuggets! She is the absolute cutest when she puts both ears up and tilt her head when people talk to her. You can also find more cute photos of Maerynn and watch her grow up on Instagram! Username: Maerbear_theheeler.