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August 2018

PVH Pet of the Week – August 27, 2018

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We would like to introduce you to this week’s Pet of the Week – Dazy! Dazy is an adorable 3-Month-Old mixed breed puppy. She enjoys digging holes and playing with her favorite toy, a squeaky bone. Dazy’s favorite food is whatever the other dog’s food is. She is annoying when she tries to eat shoes, but she makes up for it when she is being cute all of the time. Dazy loves to visit Grandma’s and we really like it when she visits us too!

PVH Pet of the Week – August 23, 2018!

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Meet Sophie! Sophie is a 12-Week-Old Lab Mix Puppy that was named by her grandpa. She loves playing fetch and playing with her pink monkey toy. Sophie is really smart – she already knows how to sit and shake! She is also a very well-behaved puppy that sleeps through the night and goes potty outside. She does have one bad habit though, sometimes she likes to kiss her mom with her teeth! Sophie makes up for it when she is being extremely cute when she is tired. Sophie enjoys visiting Miss Whitley’s house, but we also like it when she gets to come see us at the clinic! This is why we are so happy we get to have Sophie be our second Pet of the Week this week!

Happy Work Anniversary to Amanda!

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The PVH Team would like to wish a very happy work anniversary to Amanda! Amanda is celebrating one year of working at our clinic! Amanda started at the front desk as a receptionist and is now a veterinary assistant and is in back helping the doctors. Amanda is very gentle and kind with the patients she helps with. She also recently adopted a little kitten that was bottle-fed by the technicians here. Amanda is a great asset to our team and we hope she has a great anniversary!

PVH Pet of the Week – August 20, 2018!

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Meet Maxwell! Maxwell is a very handsome 3-Month-Old German Shepherd puppy whose favorite activity is chewing. Max was named after the character Maxwell Smart. He is very good at the trick “down” and enjoys annoying his dad by chasing the chickens. Maxwell really likes to play with his Big Bird toy and eat the cat’s fish treats. Maxwell is a very fun puppy, which is why we are happy to make him the PVH Pet of the Week!

PVH Pet of the Week – August 13, 2018!

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The PVH Team would like to introduce you to this week’s Pet of the Week – Optimus! Optimus is a 9-Year-Old Pit Bull that was named after a good Power Ranger. Optimus was a rescue and was named by his foster family. He likes playing with any stick that he can find, and his favorite activity is to play with sticks in the yard. Optimus likes to eat fruit and his best trick is to howl. The most annoying thing that Optimus does is hog the couch, but he is such a sweetie, it’s impossible for his owner to get mad at him. He loves going anywhere, as long as he can ride in the car. Optimus is very spoiled, kind, and he loves people. Optimus has an adorable and goofy personality and we really enjoy seeing him when he comes in to visit us!

Meet Maerynn!

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The PVH Family recently welcomed a new member! Meet Maerynn (Mare-in). Maerynn is an Australian Cattle dog puppy that belongs to our Lead Receptionist, Paige. Maerynn was named after a Scandinavian word meaning, “Pearl”, or “Pearl of the Sea.” Maerynn gets to come to work with her mom every day but really loves visiting Grandma & Grandpa’s house more. Maerynn loves playing with all over toys! She is already very good at herding all the other animals, including her big sister – a German Shepherd! Maerynn’s favorite food so far has been chicken nuggets! She is the absolute cutest when she puts both ears up and tilt her head when people talk to her. You can also find more cute photos of Maerynn and watch her grow up on Instagram! Username: Maerbear_theheeler.  

Happy Work Anniversary to Paige!

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We would like to wish a happy work anniversary to Paige! Paige has been a part of the PVH Team for 2 years. Paige started as a receptionist and is now our Lead Receptionist, making sure that everything gets done at the front desk. When she is not working on reception, she is performing her other duties as a Pharmacy Assistant. Paige helps our Pharmacy Technician keep up with our medication requests we receive. Paige likes to keep busy. In her “free time” at work she is also making sure that the clinic conforms to OSHA standards – she is our OSHA Manager too! Paige plays a very important role in our team and we are very happy to have her here at the clinic. Happy Anniversary Paige!

PVH Pet of the Week – August 6, 2018

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The PVH Team would like to introduce you to one of the cutest puppies EVER! Meet Fynn! Fynn is an adorable 12-Week-Old English Bulldog puppy. Fynn is a playful pup who likes to play with his brother Ollie. His favorite toy is also his 4-year-old human brother, Conner. Fynn’s best trick is sitting and he’s at his cutest when he is sleeping. He absolutely loves visiting Family Farm and Home. The most annoying thing that Fynn does is to chew on his human’s shoes but it’s okay because he is an amazing puppy most of the time. We really enjoy seeing Fynn when he comes in to visit us at the clinic and are more than happy to introduce him to you as this week’s PVH Pet of the Week!