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February 2018

Happy Work Anniversary to Anne!

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The staff at PVH would like to wish a Happy Work Anniversary to Anne! Anne has been an Animal Caretaker here for 12 years and she is amazing at her job! Anne does a lot behind-the-scenes, including making sure the patients are comfortable as they are recovering from surgery. Anne is a big asset to the clinic and we are all very lucky to work with her.

PVH Pet of the Week – February 26, 2018

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This week’s Pet of the Week is Camie! Camie is a 13-Year-Old Rescued Lab who loves her humans, patrolling her back yard, endless petting, and car rides. She enjoys going for walks, although they have gotten shorter in her old age. Her best trick is to offer her paw to shake for a dog treat and really enjoys dog kibbles and some human food crumbs. Camie is the cutest first thing in the morning when I want belly rubs and cuddles. She loves all her stuffed animals and chewing on her Kong and Nyla bone. Her favorite place to visit is Houghton Lake where she loves to sun bathe, eat some ice cream, and get fresh air! Camie is a very sweet old lady. 

PVH Pet of the Week – February 20, 2018

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The team at Patterson Veterinary Hospital would like to introduce you to Bella Blue! Bella is a 2-Year-Old Blue Pitbull that was named after Beauty and the Beast. Her best trick is to do a high five and she loves to play with kids. Bella is most annoying when she barks at things but makes up for it when she wines with her big puppy dog eyes. She loves pizza bones and playing with her stuffed animals. Bella Blue is cute and sweet, which is why we chose her to be this week’s Pet of the Week!